Chiropractic Testimonials

"I have two herniated discs in my lower back and saw Dr. Manis before Covid. Recently, I started having back pain again and was so glad to find that he was still here. In a few treatments I was much better again. Dr. Manis is a kind and caring person. He is knowledgeable and very thorough and also has a great personality. A few weeks later I fell and had swelling on my kneecap. He did three ultrasound treatments and the swelling was gone. His receptionist is also one of the nicest people you will meet and helps in so many ways. Go see them. You'll be glad you!

Five stars in every way."

- Dorothy B., June 2022

"On Tuesday, July 23, I had swelling in my calf. I had not been stung or bitten, but could not figure out what had happened. On Wednesday, July 25, I had my scheduled appointment with Dr. Manis at ChiroChoice. I asked him to look at my leg. He suspected blood clots and set me up with Dalton Imaging for an ultrasound.

It was confirmed I had blood clots in my leg. Later tests confirmed blood clots in my lungs which required a hospital stay. Thanks to Dr. Manis, with his diagnosis, I am on the road to recovery hopefully. I feel with his quick diagnosis and appointment with Dalton Imaging, he very well may have saved my life."

- Louis B., October 2019

"I have had neck pain and back pain for several years. The medical doctors did not help much. They mostly wanted to give me medicine which only helped the symptoms. Not the problem.

Dr. Manis has helped the pain in both my neck and my back. I can move my neck better as well as my back. Medical doctors were only able to give me pills.

I would highly recommend Dr. Manis and his staff to my friends and relatives. I come twice a month to keep everything checked out and working well."

- Johnnie T., October 2017

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